A brief history of KNUST and contact details

A Brief History of KNUST & student population

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), also known as UST, Tech, or Kwame Tech, is a prestigious public university located in the vibrant city of Kumasi, Ghana with a global Alumni Impact. Established in 1952, KNUST has a rich history and has emerged as a hub of excellence in science and technology in West Africa. In this article, we’ll delve into a brief history of KNUST, its notable accolades, the structure of its colleges and faculties, information about its various halls of residence, and crucial contact details.

Prospective applicants seeking admission to the Kumasi-based University should learn how to purchase admission forms online and monitor their admission status when it becomes available. Professor Michael Kwais Poku-Boansi is the youngest of the University. He is currently the Vice Dean of Students in the Graduate School, as of the time of publication.

A Brief History of KNUST

KNUST’s roots trace back to the visionary plans of Agyeman Prempeh I, a prominent ruler of the Ashanti Kingdom. He aspired to establish a university in Kumasi, which was a pivotal step toward modernizing the Ashanti Kingdom. Unfortunately, this plan faced challenges due to the conflict between the British Empire’s expansion and King Prempeh I’s desire to preserve Ashanti’s independence.


However, King Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh II, the younger brother and successor of King Prempeh I, took up the mantle of his brother’s vision. In the 1940s, significant events in the Gold Coast, now Ghana, played a crucial role in shaping the university’s destiny. First, the establishment of the University College of the Gold Coast set the stage for higher education. Second, the 1948 Accra riots and the ensuing Watson Commission report recommended the establishment of a science-focused university in Kumasi. This recommendation led to the birth of the Kumasi College of Technology in 1949, the precursor to KNUST.

The Kumasi College of Technology initially welcomed students to its engineering faculty in 1951, and it gained legal recognition as such in 1952 through an Act of Parliament. It began with a nucleus of 200 teacher training students who had been transferred from Achimota College in the Greater Accra Region. Initially affiliated with the University of London, it was eventually granted full university status in 1961.

Various Accolades and Respectable Recognitions

Over the years, KNUST has earned a reputation as a center of academic excellence and innovation. While specific accolades may not be listed in the provided information, it is important to note that KNUST consistently ranks among the top universities in Africa, particularly in the fields of science and technology.

Their recent notable recognition when they were ranked as the no.1 tertiary institutions in the world the provides quality education in 2022. Additionally, various faculty and research members get prestigious global awards for their hard work.

Colleges and Faculties

KNUST has restructured its administrative system into a collegiate model, which empowers its colleges with a degree of autonomy. The university is organized into six colleges, each housing various faculties and departments:

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR)

College of Health Sciences

  • Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Dental School
  • School of Medical Sciences
  • School of Veterinary Medicine

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • School of Business
A brief history of KNUST and contact details
KNUST school of business

College of Art and Built Environment

This college emerged in 2005, following the restructuring of the university. It encompasses the Faculty of Environmental and Development Studies (FEDS) and the Institute of Land Management and Development (ILMAD).

Halls of Residence

KNUST provides housing and accommodation options for its diverse student body. Notable halls of residence on campus include:

  • University Hall (Katanga)
  • Unity Hall (Conti)
  • Independence Hall
  • Queens Hall
  • Republic Hall
  • Africa Hall
A brief history of KNUST and contact details
KNUST Unity Hall

University Hall and Unity Hall used to be an all males hall before the former Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kwasi Obiri-Danso converted them into a mixed hall during the 2018/19 academic year. Africa Hall also used to be an all female hall before the conversion.

Additionally, there are private hostels around the campus to accommodate students who cannot secure on-campus housing. KNUST strives to meet the accommodation needs of students from various financial backgrounds.

A brief history of KNUST and contact details
There are several private hostels on and outside KNUST campus

Contact Information

For those seeking to get in touch with KNUST, here is the process to contact the management of the University.

KNUST remains committed to providing quality education and fostering academic excellence in Ghana and beyond. As a pioneering institution in the field of science and technology, it continues to shape the future of education and research in the region. Whether you’re a prospective student, alumni, or just curious about this institution, the brief history of KNUST provided in this article will give you more insights about the institution.

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